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Axiron is a drug marketed by Eli Lilly And Co and is available from two suppliers. It is protected by nine patents.

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Tweets for Axiron Ads

ruralmurder @ruralmurder
Coming soon to a TV near you: Axiron commercials featuring Chael Sonnen.
10:06am, June 12th 2014
LordRiddlesXIII @LordRiddlesXIII
Watching this Axiron commercial on ESPN like, white people be TRAPPIN!
10:06am, June 2nd 2014
theashrussell @theashrussell
fully thought this dude in the low testosterone axiron outdoor activity commercial was rob delaney
6:05pm, May 30th 2014
jweezy2099 @jweezy2099
#axiron commercial just threw me way off.....what exactly does it do? I swear they said it will get women pregnant
11:04am, April 28th 2014
MorganPCampbell @MorganPCampbell
@MagnumPrime @ABDBMEDIA a commercial urging me to "talk to my doctor about Axiron." So Ramos talked 2 his doctor. Really shouldn't be a prob
10:09am, September 17th 2013
jslanier @jslanier
These Axiron commercials for low testosterone are annoying. As an umpire, I am really offended by his backwards hat and his ump mechanics
11:09pm, September 10th 2013
tee_eye_aye @tee_eye_aye
Sooo the only people that can use Axiron is....nobody. And 56 seconds of their 65 second commercial was just naming the side of effects.
6:08pm, August 20th 2013
Notgiamatti @Notgiamatti
The Axiron commercial where the guy takes testosterone so he can keep being an umpire always makes me laugh.
7:08pm, August 12th 2013
MishaRN @MishaRN
I'm really annoyed by the way this dude in the Axiron commercial says "mantra" MAAAN-tra, like it has a beard, a penis & a Y chromosome.
1:07am, July 25th 2013
TheKillir @TheKillir
#Axiron commercial just described every potential side effect, sounded just like the usual symptoms of a bad trade...
10:07am, July 23rd 2013
patrickpiteo @patrickpiteo
Just threw mine away who knew? “@ThatChrisGore: These Axiron commercials during #SharkNado are as scary as SharkNado. #axiron”
10:07pm, July 11th 2013
laurenmarie10 @laurenmarie10
These Axiron commercials creep me out.
1:07am, July 10th 2013
natedorough @natedorough
@mikevial The ad for "Axiron", which is for men with low testosterone. Tell me that's not there on purpose.
10:06am, June 26th 2013

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