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Celebrex is a drug marketed by Gd Searle.

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Tweets for Celebrex Ads

gogetemnicky @gogetemnicky
That lady in the Celebrex (arthritis) commercial is hot as HELL! What's WRONG with me?? #TheyCallHerAuntTique
1:04am, April 27th 2014
jpuncholo @jpuncholo
Yv ads say celebrex isn't a narcotic? Tell that to the indictment papers I just got in the mail for the banks I robbed for celebrex money.
10:04pm, April 18th 2014
2XSiv4U @2XSiv4U
I wish they'd combine shark week commercials with that stupid Celebrex commercial where that lady is swimming frame by frame.
5:09pm, September 14th 2013
its_dawnnay @its_dawnnay
Watchin this #celebrex commercial and iHear "may cause DEATH..sooo u want me to chance death to cure arthritis??? #callmecrazy
8:09pm, September 11th 2013
CrimDelaCrimHo @CrimDelaCrimHo
Celebrex commercial comes on "May cause death."
11:09pm, September 1st 2013
skapping @skapping
Watching world news tonight. More than half the ads are for medications... Lyrica, Celebrex, Nexium.
6:08pm, August 28th 2013
theogor @theogor
Seriously Celebrex people, when your ads are all about what other drugs might *also* kill you, it's time to give up on advertising.
9:08pm, August 26th 2013
I love the Celebrex ad where a dog goes for a swim w/his owner & her friends. It's so charming.
10:08pm, August 25th 2013
Beazyyyy @Beazyyyy
Yo, if you take #celebrex you have an %80 chance of dying. Commercial crazy
12:08am, August 23rd 2013
car0hlinee @car0hlinee
12:07pm, July 24th 2013
keepinehtuglier @keepinehtuglier
Oh shit . This Celebrex commercial used Newton's first law of motion c;
3:07am, July 7th 2013
jaMEGin_mecrazy @jaMEGin_mecrazy
That awkward moment when you see a commercial advertising for Celebrex for old people when you're 18 and take it everyday #tendinitisprobs
1:07pm, July 5th 2013
FishWife7 @FishWife7
Celebrex commercials cause rage. Mom was on it, despite worsening BP/congestive heart failure. I'm going to struggle w being civil to her dr
9:07pm, July 4th 2013
matt2hews @matt2hews
@waddell_andy Just like that Celebrex commercial warns: a body in motion tends to stay in motion. IOW, you might not be able to stop.
4:06pm, June 28th 2013
akmcquade @akmcquade
Why can Celebrex ads say "You and your doctor should balance the benefits and the risks," but the GOP can't manage the same for pregnancy?
7:06am, June 28th 2013

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