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Eliquis is a drug marketed by Bristol Myers Squibb and is available from one supplier. It is protected by two patents.

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Overall Sentiment

100% negative
coops12753 @coops12753
This Eliquis commercial makes me wanna throw a basketball at the TV
5:10pm, October 7th 2013
Chiccywood @Chiccywood
The people in this Eliquis commercial are the worst people on Earth. I may be overstating that…but probably not.
4:10pm, October 6th 2013
tclancy @tclancy
The ad for Eliquis makes me sad: always hoped the lady from "Head of the Class" would win up with Billy Connolly. Hessman's a too-wild horse
1:10pm, October 6th 2013
aftertommy @aftertommy
Eliquis commercial predicated upon patients self doctoring and medicating. "My doctor gave me something, but I figured I know more than him"
1:10pm, October 6th 2013
putUincespence @putUincespence
Anyone think the young guy in the Eliquis commercial looks kinda like Tristan?
8:09pm, September 30th 2013
TomPuckettWBEN @TomPuckettWBEN
Eliquis commercial is scary. 70s teen grows into modern day geezer. #signs!'mgettingold #thisis39
6:09pm, September 22nd 2013
LaerAggin @LaerAggin
The man on this Eliquis commercial said it's causes less bleeding than the other meds, then says "may cause fatal bleeding" WTF
3:09pm, September 22nd 2013
rcdubbs @rcdubbs
Who the hell is the guy in this Eliquis ad talking to?
5:09pm, September 21st 2013

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