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Nasonex is a drug marketed by Organon Llc and Perrigo Pharma Intl.

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Tweets for Nasonex Ads

GeorgeSquares @GeorgeSquares
@GeorgeSquares I thought he was one of those Nasonex bacteria commercial characters.
12:06am, June 11th 2014
notdavestrider @notdavestrider
They have changed the art style of that creepy animated bee in the Nasonex commercials like 500 times.
1:09pm, September 28th 2013
my2k @my2k
oh god I've been blacklisted, I'll never get a job and people will hate me forever I'll make Nasonex commercials until I die NOOOOOOOOO
2:07am, July 5th 2013
imbuttnakedd @imbuttnakedd
The bee on the nasonex commercial is so darn cute
12:06am, June 30th 2013
ddicapuaa @ddicapuaa
The voice over from the Nasonex commercial is suave af
7:06pm, June 29th 2013
daisetsudan @daisetsudan
nasonex commercials have come a long way
10:06pm, June 28th 2013

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