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How often were liver enzymes checked after starting lipitor and tums?

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Based on the information provided, I was unable to find specific data on the frequency of liver enzyme checks after starting Lipitor (atorvastatin) and TUMS (calcium carbonate). However, I can provide general guidelines regarding liver enzyme monitoring for statins like Lipitor.

When starting a statin medication, liver enzyme tests are typically performed before beginning the treatment and at 12 weeks after starting the drug [1]. This is to ensure that the medication is not causing any adverse effects on the liver. If liver enzyme levels are found to be elevated, the healthcare provider may decide to discontinue the statin or adjust the dosage.

In the case of Lipitor, the prescribing information states that liver enzyme tests should be performed before initiating treatment and as clinically indicated thereafter [2]. However, the frequency of these tests is not explicitly mentioned.

Regarding TUMS, calcium carbonate antacids like TUMS are not typically associated with liver enzyme abnormalities [3]. Therefore, liver enzyme monitoring is not usually required when using these medications.

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