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Profile for Curis, Inc. (CRIS)

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@JesseL1verm0re 5
@EL_Goeffrey 5
@srqstockpicker 4
@mnsr4 4
@VatqLu 3

Recent Tweets for CRIS

QueensCrypto @QueensCrypto
2022 will be quite the ride with $CRIS ? https://t.co/S0CCtnhZ6i
murphycpr @murphycpr
$CRIS is there any bottom with this?
December 3rd 2021, 8:12pm
mnsr4 @mnsr4
$CRIS Looks like they hired a new executive for the VP, Medical Affairs position this month (Dec 2021) as per Linke… https://t.co/EKqx30sfSH
December 3rd 2021, 7:12pm
FBosom @FBosom
@lblegend33 @LTbioinvestor No margin, small add at -20 % leg down. For example, I still have $cris adds scheduled at 2$
December 3rd 2021, 6:12pm
cmac45068222 @cmac45068222
+ $ONCT and + $CRIS today. A rather unstable individual recently had strong feelings about me disclosing size of bu… https://t.co/Jvv88aSbmK
December 3rd 2021, 6:12pm
E54596893 @E54596893
$CRIS continued: "... In addition, these data demonstrate that CA-4948 can cross the blood brain barrier and improv… https://t.co/7wshijCQsl
December 3rd 2021, 6:12pm
E54596893 @E54596893
$CRIS it seems each update we have received during the year has been positive. Will this be the case in January 202… https://t.co/qhxD7narUJ
December 3rd 2021, 5:12pm
JesseL1verm0re @JesseL1verm0re
@Biohazard3737 $cris spliceosome/flt3 mono update on CA-4948 Ph2 LUCAS Study of 4948 for the Treatment Very Low,… https://t.co/wvSZ0mn55N
December 3rd 2021, 1:12pm
FefferCapital @FefferCapital
@foxesthrufences @pawcio2009 Especially given the chart $CRIS https://t.co/OVMiy7jn6O
December 3rd 2021, 3:12am
foxesthrufences @foxesthrufences
@pawcio2009 $CRIS and it’s not even close
December 3rd 2021, 3:12am
stochtopus @stochtopus
@pawcio2009 That’s quite the collection of turds. $CRIS is it.
December 3rd 2021, 2:12am
mnsr4 @mnsr4
@Biohazard3737 $cris update on CA-4948 (and their anti-vista drug)
December 2nd 2021, 11:12pm
Gambiste1 @Gambiste1
RT @onlybios: $CRIS give me the f ing buyout please . I’ll take $15
December 2nd 2021, 9:12pm
onlybios @onlybios
$CRIS give me the f ing buyout please . I’ll take $15
December 2nd 2021, 8:12pm
srqstockpicker @srqstockpicker
$cris trial of interest for ca-4948 https://t.co/H0cG8MO1cV
December 2nd 2021, 6:12pm
E54596893 @E54596893
$CRIS if results of the earlier clinical trial study are confirmed in January 2022 presentation, IMO double digit s… https://t.co/sd6PsVyLXH
December 2nd 2021, 4:12pm
mohammedalitv @mohammedalitv
On #Thursday $CRIS $stock analysis. Follow me on #YouTube live: https://t.co/9iCSmj8hZg https://t.co/WcSWMj13mF
December 2nd 2021, 10:12am
ShortAlgoTrades @ShortAlgoTrades
$CRIS Waiting for Short signal. https://t.co/eb8xtlWgMG
December 1st 2021, 6:12pm
VatqLu @VatqLu
$CRIS Waiting for Short signal. https://t.co/OLyQ5lgAOT
December 1st 2021, 6:12pm
srqstockpicker @srqstockpicker
$cris cmo explaining ca-4948 safety profile on call today gave me more relief listening to his explanation. Perhaps… https://t.co/zHhtsVjOLP
December 1st 2021, 4:12pm
mnsr4 @mnsr4
$cris Bob Martell on CA-4948: "Safety profile has been excellent. [...]" https://t.co/ueQdTL6WJY
December 1st 2021, 4:12pm
FefferCapital @FefferCapital
$CRIS at the 78.6% fib.. Now what? https://t.co/bbxEncCXv5
December 1st 2021, 3:12pm
JesseL1verm0re @JesseL1verm0re
RT @JesseL1verm0re: Dec 1, 2021 11:00 am EST B. Riley Fall Best Ideas in Oncology Panel Series $cris https://t.co/izgEVj8Lu2 https://t.co…
December 1st 2021, 2:12pm
mister_mugabee @mister_mugabee
Follow the big money homies cuz they ain’t gonna let the market play them like chumps $Cris $xbi https://t.co/LHJQgXWOpZ
December 1st 2021, 7:12am
kshahi @kshahi
RT @TomSilver39: So Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc. Purchases 183,623 Shares of $Cris (665% up), BlackRock 278% up and $CRIS bare…
December 1st 2021, 4:12am
TomSilver39 @TomSilver39
So Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc. Purchases 183,623 Shares of $Cris (665% up), BlackRock 278% up and… https://t.co/dnHMmfa3lK
December 1st 2021, 3:12am
svarre001 @svarre001
@PersimmonTI Well I thought the same about $CRIS when I saw huge buys AH around $7..we know where we are now!
November 30th 2021, 10:11pm
puck_flastic @puck_flastic
@Annon14821700 @jorgemcepeda True - only 4.8 pts to go on $cris & then no one has to stress about downside ever aga… https://t.co/YaLs1zogKe
November 30th 2021, 9:11pm
AnExpertOne1 @AnExpertOne1
Amazing <> $CRIS just dragged down by the XBI index on very low volume; eventually it should stop working for them.
November 30th 2021, 4:11pm
QueensCrypto @QueensCrypto
Maverick Capital is very interested in $CRIS ? https://t.co/oDiDiBvtlq https://t.co/RPkSTTBMHs
November 30th 2021, 1:11am
DinleVeDusun @DinleVeDusun
$Cris Regardless of day to day SP the fact is >80% institutional ownership for a co with a very promising product…s… https://t.co/UsQ3cIyOUq
November 29th 2021, 10:11pm
FefferCapital @FefferCapital
$CRIS monthly fibs https://t.co/kJZYmkQgmy
November 29th 2021, 7:11pm
ValueTrader101 @ValueTrader101
Added some $CRIS
November 29th 2021, 6:11pm
princetongb @princetongb
Of note, if $CRIS anti-VISTA CRS is an on-target effect, why is an efficacy signal not seen at the low doses where it has emerged?
November 29th 2021, 2:11pm
sr_banjoy @sr_banjoy
RT @princetongb: $CRIS will fail to de-risk guided anti-VISTA safety (at therapeutic levels clearly noted in their clinical plan on every…
November 29th 2021, 2:11am
princetongb @princetongb
However, $CRIS CI-4948 has looked solid in very early data -- no reason not to expect with decent probability - SoC… https://t.co/X4RbBWpD2J
November 29th 2021, 12:11am
EL_Goeffrey @EL_Goeffrey
RT @mister_mugabee: $CRIS smart money moves - 25 most recent institutional transactions https://t.co/5p8DearblZ
November 28th 2021, 11:11pm
adamapodaca13 @adamapodaca13
$cris (Bullish flow?$7.50) 2-18-22 @unusual_whales Chart looks ready for reversal. Institutions been loading. https://t.co/wPf2pxFSRy
November 28th 2021, 10:11pm
foxesthrufences @foxesthrufences
Prevention and partial reversion of the lupus phenotype in ABIN1[D485N] mice by an IRAK4 inhibitor. $CRIS $KYMR https://t.co/yJygBAUQ5c
November 27th 2021, 10:11pm
mister_mugabee @mister_mugabee
$CRIS smart money moves - 25 most recent institutional transactions https://t.co/5p8DearblZ
November 27th 2021, 8:11pm
SweepCastApp @SweepCastApp
SweepCast alerted: $CRIS with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $7.5 CALL Expiring: 02-18-2022 worth 32K? |? Chec… https://t.co/3QvRE2f9FS
November 26th 2021, 11:11pm
Tickeron @Tickeron
$CRIS's Aroon indicator drops into Downtrend on November 24, 2021. View odds for this and other indicators:… https://t.co/kQaTUHzsj0
November 26th 2021, 7:11pm
riskrewardalgo @riskrewardalgo
@qclark12 I would take $ymtx over $cris at this stage
November 26th 2021, 5:11pm
mediasentiment @mediasentiment
$CRIS new alert at https://t.co/A7qrDashxw #stocks #daytrading #NYSE #NASDAQ #market 138
November 26th 2021, 10:11am
mediasentiment @mediasentiment
$CRIS new alert at https://t.co/A7qrDarJHY #stocks #daytrading #NYSE #NASDAQ #market 138
November 26th 2021, 10:11am
mohammedalitv @mohammedalitv
On #Thursday $CRIS $stock analysis. Follow me on #YouTube live: https://t.co/9iCSmj8hZg https://t.co/jJAn7ooz38
November 25th 2021, 9:11pm
EL_Goeffrey @EL_Goeffrey
RT @JesseL1verm0re: LUCAS p2 study $cris Kill the blasts, bone marrow recovers, no need for transfusion, no progression into aml. That wo…
November 25th 2021, 4:11pm
lone_rider007 @lone_rider007
$CRIS Yay! No red today! Woohoo! ?
November 25th 2021, 2:11pm
QuantchaIdeas @QuantchaIdeas
StockTwits Trending Alert: Trading recent interest in CURIS $CRIS https://t.co/gcTBknFyZL
November 25th 2021, 2:11pm
ShortAlgoTrades @ShortAlgoTrades
$CRIS Waiting for Buy signal , https://t.co/DQJfvezsha
November 25th 2021, 1:11pm

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