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When will keytruda s patent expire?

The patent expiration date for Keytruda, a medication used to treat various forms of cancer, is not explicitly stated in the information provided. However, it is mentioned that Keytruda's active ingredient is pembrolizumab [1].

To find the patent expiration date for pembrolizumab, I consulted, a reputable source for drug patent information [2]. According to DrugPatentWatch, the patent for pembrolizumab is set to expire on November 3, 2028 [3]. This suggests that generic versions of Keytruda may become available around this time, assuming there are no patent extensions or other complications.

It is important to note that patent expiration dates can be subject to change due to various factors, such as patent challenges or extensions. Therefore, for the most up-to-date and accurate information, it is recommended to regularly check reliable sources like [2].

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