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Are you still taking lipitor despite the muscle pain?

Based on the information provided, I can't determine whether you specifically are still taking Lipitor despite muscle pain. However, I can provide some general information about Lipitor and its side effects.

Lipitor, also known as atorvastatin, is a statin medication used to treat high cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease [1]. Like all medications, Lipitor can have side effects, and muscle pain is one of them. This side effect is known as myalgia, and it can range from mild to severe [2].

If you're experiencing muscle pain and you're concerned it may be related to Lipitor, it's important to consult with your healthcare provider. They can help determine whether the muscle pain is a side effect of the medication or due to another cause. If the muscle pain is indeed a side effect of Lipitor, your healthcare provider may adjust your dosage or recommend a different medication [2].

It's also worth noting that, according to, Lipitor's patent expired in 2011, which means there are now generic versions of the medication available [3]. If cost is a concern, you may want to discuss generic options with your healthcare provider.

In summary, muscle pain can be a side effect of Lipitor, and if you're experiencing this symptom, you should consult with your healthcare provider. They can help determine the cause of the muscle pain and suggest appropriate treatment options.

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Follow-up:   How do you manage the muscle pain while on Lipitor? Have you discussed the muscle pain with your doctor? Why have you chosen to continue Lipitor?

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