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Does higher lurbinectedin dose increase skin irritation?

Based on the information provided, it is not possible to definitively conclude if a higher dose of lurbinectedin directly increases skin irritation. However, it is mentioned that lurbinectedin can cause skin reactions [1]. According to the, lurbinectedin is an anticancer drug that can be used to treat small cell lung cancer [2]. The drug's common side effects include fatigue, nausea, and constipation [1].

Skin irritation is not explicitly listed as a common side effect of lurbinectedin, but it is possible that some patients may experience skin reactions as a result of taking the drug. It is important to note that individual responses to medications can vary, and some people may experience side effects that are not common or listed.

In summary, while there is no direct evidence to suggest that a higher dose of lurbinectedin increases skin irritation, the drug can cause skin reactions. Patients should consult with their healthcare provider if they experience any unusual side effects while taking lurbinectedin.

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