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Who invented advil?

Advil is a popular over-the-counter medication used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and bring down a fever. The active ingredient in Advil is ibuprofen, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) [1].

The invention of ibuprofen, and subsequently Advil, is attributed to a team of scientists led by Stewart Adams at the British company Boots UK [2]. The development of ibuprofen began in the 1950s as part of an effort to create a more effective and safer alternative to aspirin [3]. After extensive research and clinical trials, ibuprofen was approved for medical use in the United Kingdom in 1969 [4].

Advil, as a brand name for ibuprofen, was introduced to the US market in 1984 by the American pharmaceutical company Whitehall-Robins, which later merged with Wyeth [5]. Today, Advil is a widely recognized and commonly used medication, available in various forms such as tablets, capsules, and liquids [6].

In summary, the invention of ibuprofen, the active ingredient in Advil, is credited to a team of scientists led by Stewart Adams at Boots UK in the 1950s and 1960s. Advil as a brand name was introduced to the US market in 1984 by Whitehall-Robins.

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