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What is the patent expiry date for keytruda?

Keytruda is a brand name for Pembrolizumab, a biologic drug used for the treatment of various types of cancer. According to DrugPatentWatch, the initial patent for Keytruda expired on June 30, 2028 [1]. However, Merck & Co., the manufacturer of Keytruda, has filed for several additional patents for the drug, which extend the exclusivity period until 2040 [2].

One of the patents that Merck has filed for is related to a new formulation of Keytruda that can be administered as a simple shot instead of an intravenous infusion [3]. This patent, if granted, could further extend the exclusivity period for Keytruda.

In conclusion, the initial patent for Keytruda expired on June 30, 2028. However, Merck has filed for additional patents that could extend the exclusivity period for the drug until 2040. It is important to note that the patent landscape is subject to change and the information provided is accurate as of the time of writing.


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